Personal Training with fast and effective results

My name is Ben Wilson, I am here to help you get the body you want. A Personal Trainer for 10 years I am also a nutritionist & motivation coach

My training sessions combine targeted exercises to lose weight interspersed with motivation techniques to change your thinking and increase motivation. This is backed up by individualised nutrition plans based off Metabolic Typing.

This holistic approach is not for everyone, if you are looking for the army style shout at you type trainer you are in the wrong place. My training can be summed up as an “intelligent effort”.

*Result may vary, these are examples of what can be achieved but your individual results may be different. This Video explains a little more –

My personal training service combines nutrition, exercise, postural correction and behaviour change techniques to ensure you get fantastic results. Download my Body Transformation Guide to understand how these techniques are all brought together to ensure results.
The best way to understand how I help people get into amazing shape is to contact me for your Free sample session. Call Ben on 07915 397 703 or email me at
Watch me being interviewed on the BBC 1 Breakfast show discussing milk and the plans to stop milk for under 5 years old’s.